COCONAT Boby Massage Oil

VCO Body Massage Oil is highly effective in people regardless of age and is good for dry skin, eczema, cracked heel in all weathers especially in winter.

VCO Massage Oil helps to improve skin texture, gets rid off of dead skin, helps blood circulations, beats body pain and support skin softening.

Direction of Usage

For Best Results, gently swish one to two table spoons for 5 minutes and spit out the oil.

Packaging of EVCO Body Massage Oil

VCO Mouth Refresher is available in 100 ml, narrow mouthed bottles of glass, PET and as per customer requirements.

Contents of VCO Body Massage Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), Vetiver Oil, Neem Oil and Jajoba Oil, Frankincense Oil and Peppermint Oil

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